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Best-Selling Author Charol Messenger Launches Her Newest Book, Your Awakening Attitude of Service

Hi! I hope you are well and having a blessed day. My new book offers peace in the heart and mind, with concrete steps, techniques, and meditations for dealing with the challenges of our day. A book of hope. A Light for Our Times.

This is the first time I have trended! And it came as a surprise. A delightful surprise. My News Announcement published 10/20/20 and day one I had at least 1,300 Google links to national news media networks, magazines, and a lot more (including NBC and CBS all over the nation). (you can Google it)

I am wowed. And grateful. Now I am putting all those results to use, on my website https://www.charolmessenger.com, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on WordPress, on Twitter, on Author Central. The list keeps growing.

Currently on kindle. Next week in print!

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