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America Survives. America Thrives.


America survives. America thrives.

We do not quit. We do not give up.

That doesn’t mean doing nothing. This is a time to make our voices heard. This is a time to stand up, step forward, and be counted.

Not for ourselves alone. For the greater good of all.  

Children of America, Children of the World

This is the motto of a citizen who wants to heal, and strengthen, our nations — and all within it. This is the motto of an American and any free nation and those seeking to be free whose hearts says:

“Count me in.”

This is how we preserve, and grow, our freedoms, our liberties. This is our time. Stand up. Speak up. Our freedoms are our own. No matter who we are, where we are. Take nothing for granted.

It is up to us 

All who believe in freedom, a free press, human rights, and keeping the rights and liberties we already have earned and attained.

~ ~ ~

#inclusionrevolution   #womensrightsRhumanrights

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